Volkaiser's body model.

Volkaiser is a Fire-attributed Bug Divine Beast and the Most Evolved from of the Demabugich line. It's the look-alike of Kataimel, sporting almost the same stat layout as Kataimel, but a different color.


Volkaiser - as stated before - has almost the exact same stat layout as Kataimel. It focuses more on Spirit than Kataimel. Volkaiser's signature move, Kamikaze Hit (S), is the strongest fire move but it comes at a cost; your own HP takes 1/4 of the damage dealt to the enemy.


Volkaiser is the look-alike of Katamiel, a Wind-attributed Bug. Kataimel focuses on Strength more, while Volkaiser focuses on Spirit. Kataimel's signature move, Poison Storm (S), is the strongest Skill-type Wind move, and inflicts the strongest Poison (30 HP at the end of every passing turn).

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