Here, you will see all there is to see about every Earth attack in the game, including moves only known by Larval beasts.


  • Barrid (16 MP, 20 Defense Power): Raises a barrier, S, MG, all. Raises a barrier to block a small amount of damage.
  • Ulvi (10 MP, 8 Attack Power): Rock attack, S damage, MG. Uses small vines to attack a single opponent for a small amount of damage.
  • Feeling Fine (13 MP, 8 Attack Power): Ups Attack on repeat, S, SK. Upon successful hit, the next time this move is used is stronger unless another move is used.
  • Break (13 MP, 27 Fixed Power): Nullify Defense, S damage, SK. Deals a fixed 27 damage, and is sure to bring down any barrier not past Barridis (D).
  • Ramak (10 MP): Ups defense, S, all allies, MG. Raises Defenses of BeastAmulet by 25% for three turns (including casting round).



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