Bauwerl's body model.

Bauwerl is a Wind-attributed Ku Divine Beast and is the Most Evolved form of the Denodrech line. Its stat layout is almost identical to Blumen, and is colored yellow.


Being that Bauwerl is a carbon-copy of Blumen in almost every way, there is nothing less to be expected from Bauwerl. Its signature attack, Stun Shot (A), has a 30% chance of stunning a single opponent, and when that opponent is stunned it will be unable to act for 2 turns. Its alter ego, Niwerl's signature attack, Stun Attack (S), has a 50% chance of stunning enemies for 3-4 turns.


Blumen is a Fire-attributed Ku Divine Beast. Its stat layout is comprised mostly of Strength and Speed. Its signature attack, Killer Chance (S), has a high chance to land a critical hit, which deals double the damage. Whether its Blumen or Bauwerl, be prepared to face either, especially when battling Choco.

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